Attendance Policy

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Learn how we manage scheduling, cancellations, and rescheduling to ensure consistent care for every child.

Appointment Times

At Woven Care, we strive to make sure we stay on schedule and that all appointments start on time. Should you arrive late for an appointment we will gladly see you, but the appointment will still end at the scheduled time. This makes it fair to the person scheduled after you, and after them, and after….well, you get the idea.

Even our hard-working staff takes an occasional vacation or gets sick (hopefully not at the same time). When a therapist is gone we try to reschedule with another one of our great therapists. Working with someone else can be very beneficial for the patient.

Oops, I forgot to call …

We kindly ask that you call as soon as possible if you can not make a scheduled appointment. When allowed by the insurance company, we will charge $25 for a no-show appointment and $15 for an appointment canceled with less than 24 hours notice.

We’re reasonable people and we have kids of our own so we understand that unexpected things happen. If you can’t make an appointment please call us as soon as possible.

Money Matters

All co-payments are due at the time of service. We will file insurance claims on your behalf and do everything we can to be paid by your insurance company. However, you are ultimately responsible for service not paid by your insurance company. Please talk to our Billing Manager if you have any questions regarding insurance payment issues.

It’s Snowing, Now What?

Occasionally, winter weather in Colorado will make it unsafe for our staff and our patients to travel to the clinic. When this occurs, you will be called as soon as possible to inform you of clinic closure and to discuss with you some make-up options.

Attendance Policy

We want to help your child meet their goals and be discharged as soon as its possible. In order to do that, your child needs to be at every scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling Appointments
If you cancel an appointment you must reschedule within one weeks time.

If you cancel because your child is sick, you have two weeks to reschedule.

No Shows
If you don’t show up for your child’s appointment and do not call, your child will be removed from the schedule.

1. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will call you.

2. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will reiterate our attendance policy and reschedule the appointment.

3. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will remove your child from the schedule.

If your child is removed from the schedule you lose your day and time and will be put on a list to get called once a week to see if your child can fit into a cancelled spot.

our impact

At Woven Care, we’re not just setting standards – we’re exceeding them.

Woven’s Comprehensive model of pediatric care produces reliable clinical improvements.

Over 80% parents and caregivers observed a significant reduction in their child’s disruptive behavior
80% of children in our ABA program transition to kindergarten
70% of parents and caregivers noted that their children’s anxiety decreased