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Why families love Woven Care

Read journeys of growth and development from families who've experienced day by day progress with Woven Care.

The right care delivered at the right time

Woven’s Comprehensive model of pediatric care produces reliable clinical improvements. See why families trust Woven to deliver better outcomes for their children.

Education Progress

80% of children in our ABA program transition to kindergarten

Household Improvement

70% of parents and caregivers noted that their children’s anxiety decreased

Behavior Improvements

Over 80%+ of parents and caregivers observed a significant reduction in their child’s disruptive behavior

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Why families love Woven Care

I had some great Telehealth sessions today! One mom was so excited because we finally saw the behaviors she had been telling us about come out at home. We're now able to help her and her son so much better!


Woven Care patient

The help we received from you all was amazing. We learned so much and were given real-life tools at the child's level that made an immediate and long-lasting impact. Thank you!


Woven Care patient

I have been bringing my son for OT for several months now and have met so many people at the helen hunt Location. every single staff member I have met and even the ones I haven't are truly amazing, kind, caring, and loving people. Mr. Angelo is a very kind person and is always smiling and ready to help. this place really treats clients and family with sincere feeling of kindness and compassion. I strongly recommend this place.


Woven Care - Helen Hunt

Woven Care patient

We switched from a private clinic when The Shandy Clinic opened and we are so happy we did. We were very hesitant because we loved our previous OT and social skills therapist but really couldn’t afford the cost anymore. The fact that The Shandy Clinic takes most insurance is absolutely amazing but above that, the therapists, front desk staff, billing department, everyone - are seriously the best. So friendly, flexible and there’s no wait to get an appointment. I’m not sure how to make this a five star recommendation but that’s what it is!


Woven Care patient

From the time I was first told my son could be autistic and actually getting a diagnosis, was a nightmare. Being given the run around by two other specialists, Shandy made things so easy! Everything is streamlined for the testing process and they leave nothing unsaid. I always know what to expect and when to expect it. Further, there's no guesswork with my kid's therapy appointments. After a long fight, Shandy has given me a sense of relief because now I know what to do for my son. Very big thank you!


Woven Care patient

Both of my children have been receiving services from Shandy in Aurora for about 2 years. My son just graduated from ABA to go to school. My daughter will be starting ABA soon and has been getting speech and OT services. Shandy has been amazing and has taught us so much. We would have been lost without them, and I’m so excited for my daughter to start ABA soon. We are a military family, so they have been our main support out here. I am forever thankful for this clinic.


Woven Care - Aurora

Woven Care patient

The staff at the South location are wonderful! Everyone is so helpful and patient! For the first time in 5 years my daughter wanted to leave my side to go there-without me! She improves- grows- and learns from each session! Thank you to all of you who have helped us along the way and the gals that continue to help us! You are appreciated!


Woven Care - Pueblo South

Woven Care patient

I cannot thank Halie and Amanda for the help with billing yesterday and today. You are all fantastic even under stressful circumstances and handle it well. Also, your speech therapists are absolutely amazing and my son would not be where he is without them!


Woven Care - Fountain

Woven Care patient

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