Referring Providers

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Are you a medical professional? We’d love to connect and learn more about your practice, patients, and how we can support you.

For referring providers

Our care coordination team is committed to supporting the many referring providers serving children throughout Colorado.

  • Fill out the contact form or give us a call at our office: (719) 597-0822
  • Email us your patient’s referral form at
  • Contact us if you need any help.

Providers Referral Sheet

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Keep in mind

We want to help your child meet their goals and be discharged as soon as its possible. In order to do that, your child needs to be at every scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling Appointments
If you cancel an appointment you must reschedule within one weeks time.

If you cancel because your child is sick, you have two weeks to reschedule.

No Shows
If you don’t show up for your child’s appointment and do not call, your child will be removed from the schedule.

1. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will call you.

2. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will reiterate our attendance policy and reschedule the appointment.

3. Cancellation with no reschedule – we will remove your child from the schedule.

If your child is removed from the schedule you lose your day and time and will be put on a list to get called once a week to see if your child can fit into a cancelled spot.

Frequently asked questions

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